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America co-founder Gerry Beckley announces new solo album

todayMarch 6, 2024


Blue Élan Records

America co-founder Gerry Beckley is back with new music.

The artist will release his self-titled 10th studio album on June 28 and has just dropped the album’s debut single “Crazy,” a tune he wrote over 10 years ago. 

Beckley says the track, which he finished with producer and collaborator Jeff Larson Beckley, was one he had forgotten about. 

“Jeff and I found it on a hard drive, and I thought, ‘That’s pretty good. Gimme some time,’” he says, “So, I went in and just did a bunch of extra stuff, layered it up, and it came out great.”

Comparing the tune to America’s “Sister Golden Hair” he notes, “it’s not about anybody in particular. There’s not a relationship I’m dancing around. But it’s just themes that I’ve had in my head.”

Beckley says he really likes his new album, sharing, “I think the sum of all the parts is really great. And I can’t wait to do more.”

Here is the track list for Gerry Beckley:

“My Life”
“Well Worn Shoes”
“Everybody’s Talkin”
“Where There’s A Will”
“Even If Tomorrow”
“Red And Blue”
“One Lit Window”


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