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Jon Bon Jovi’s future daughter-in-law Millie Bobby Brown reveals her favorite Bon Jovi tune

todayMarch 6, 2024


L-R: Jake Bongiovi, Millie Bobby Brown, Dorothea Hurley, and Jon Bon Jovi/photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown will soon have Jon Bon Jovi as a father-in-law, as she’s been engaged to his son Jake Bongiovi since April 2023. So, does she have a favorite Bon Jovi tune?

“I would say ‘Runaway,’” Brown tells The Mary Sue, referring to Bon Jovi’s debut single, which was released in 1984, 20 years before she was born. 

But it’s not her favorite simply because it’s a catchy tune. The track actually appeared in Stranger Things and she sees that as some sort of sign.

“Because in Stranger Things, ‘Runaway’ plays over one of my scenes. So it was foreshadowing my engagement,” the 20-year-old explains. “I was like, ‘They knew, Stranger Things knew. Like Netflix always knows.’”

She adds, “If you’re ever in doubt, Netflix will solve it. Don’t worry. But yeah, I think ‘Runaway’ is such a good song.”

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