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Lenny Kravitz celebrates living your truth with new single “Human”

todayMarch 22, 2024


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Lenny Kravitz is giving fans another preview of his upcoming album, Blue Electric Light, which drops May 24.

The rocker just released the second single from the record, “Human,” and tells ABC Audio the song is about living your truth.

“It’s about celebrating and trusting the process of life and being a human with all of the so-called mistakes and, you know, adventures of life,” he says. “We are here, you know, we’re spiritual beings having a human existence. We are here to learn and to find ourselves.”

In the chorus, Lenny sings, “I’m gonna live my truth in this life, I am not gonna live a lie,” and that’s certainly something he’s lived by throughout his career. He’s often talked about how, when he was starting out in the music business, he stood his ground and refused to sign with record labels that wanted him to change his sound, and even he is amazed he was able to do so at such a young age. 

“I still don’t intellectually understand how as a teenager with no money, you know, living in cars, on people’s floors, on couches and how I did that,” he says. “But it was a gut feeling.”

He adds, “That has taught me so much through my life about trusting that voice inside of you.”

Blue Electric Light, which also includes the previously released single “TK421,” is available for preorder now.

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