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Who are the first seven jurors of Trump’s historic criminal trial

todayApril 17, 2024


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(NEW YORK) — With the close of the second day of Donald Trump’s criminal trial, seven jurors have been selected to sit in judgment of the former president.

Below is everything you need to know about the jurors:

Juror 1

Juror 1 — a middle-aged salesman from Ireland — will serve as the case’s foreman.

He lives in West Harlem and said he normally gets his news from the New York Times, Daily Mail, Fox News and MSNBC. In his spare time, he said he enjoys doing “anything outdoorsy.”

He once worked as a waiter but has worked in sales for the last three decades.

When asked if he was aware of Trump’s other criminal cases, he responded, “I’ve heard of some of them.”

Juror 2

Juror 2 did not realize that she could be a juror in Trump’s criminal trial when she reported for jury duty on Monday.

“I didn’t know I was walking into this,” she said on Tuesday.

She currently works as an oncology nurse at a major hospital in New York. A native New Yorker, she currently lives on the Upper East Side with her fiancé and enjoys taking her dog for walks in the park.

She said she gets her news from the New York Times, CNN, Google and Facebook.

“I don’t really have one,” she said about her opinion of Trump.

“No one is above the law,” she added.

Juror 3

Juror 3 is a corporate attorney who moved to New York from Oregon five years ago. He has worked at two major white-shoe law firms in New York.

He said he normally gets his news from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Google. In his spare time, he said he enjoys hiking and running.

When asked about the case, he suggested that he could infer the former president’s intent without “reading his mind;” however, he was embarrassed to admit he was not very familiar with all the allegations against the former president.

“I am actually not super familiar with the other charges. I don’t really follow the news that closely – a little embarrassing to say,” he said.

Juror 4

Juror 4 said he finds the former president to be “fascinating and mysterious.”

“He walks into a room, and he sets people off one way or another,” the juror said. “I find that really interesting. Really, this one guy can do all of this. ‘Wow,’ that’s what I think.”

Originally from Puerto Rico, he has lived in the Lower East Side for the last 40 years. He is a self-employed IT consultant who attended one year of college and has been “married for a long time.” He has two grandchildren.

“I have no spare time,” he said when answering the questionnaire. “My hobby is my family.”

He previously served on a jury trial in a civil case but could not recall if he reached a verdict.

“It was so long ago,” he said.

He normally gets his news from the Daily News, The New York Times, Google.

Juror 5

Juror 5 was the only potential juror who raised her hand when lawyers asked if they had ever heard of Trump’s other criminal cases.

“President Trump speaks his mind,” she said. “And I’d rather that than someone who’s in office who you don’t know what they’re thinking.”

A life-long New Yorker, she currently works as an ELA teacher in a charter school and lives in Harlem. She has a master’s in education and lives with her brother, who works as a basketball coach. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and theater.

She normally gets her news from Google and TikTok, listens to inspirational podcasts, and sometimes listens to the Breakfast Club radio show. She said that she “doesn’t really care for the news.”

She has two family members who worked in law enforcement, including a godfather who worked as a homicide sergeant with the NYPD.

Juror 6

Juror 6 is a young software engineer who works for the Walt Disney Company.

She grew up in New York City and lives in Chelsea with three roommates. She said she gets her news from the New York Times and TikTok. In her spare time, she enjoys plays, restaurants, dancing, and watching TV.

“I will be fair and impartial,” she said in response to a question about whether Trump’s candidacy for presidency would impact her ability to serve as a fair juror.

Juror 7

Juror 7 is the second white-shoe lawyer to serve on Trump’s jury.

He currently lives on the Upper East Side and enjoys spending time outdoors and with his children. He gets his news from the New York Times, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

He has never served on a jury. He said he supported some of Trump’s policies as president but disagreed with others.

“I don’t know the man and I don’t have opinions about him personally,” he said.

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