Saturday Night at the Oldies


Saturday 7:00 pm 10:00 pm

Hi, I’m Dave Newfell and I’ve been lucky enough to work in radio for over 40 years! Hey…I was a teenage prodigy so I’m not that old! In the 80s, I was a nationally recognized Music Director by the industry for my work at 105.7 WVBF in Boston. Other than that, I worked on the air at many New England stations such as (deep breath…..)

WVBF,WBOS,WXLO,WSRS,WSNE,B101,WERZ,WKOX,WINQ and WPLM. I bet I missed a few, but you get the idea that my new awesome opportunity at 1510 WMEX is not my first “radio rodeo”! It is exciting to host “Saturday Night Live At The Oldies” here at WMEX starring your requests and “oh wows” you haven’t heard in years! So many decades….so little time but we squeeze a ton of music into your Saturday night! I also host a syndicated 80s “oh wow” music show called Foundcuts on a bunch of great affiliates around the country! I know and love music so I’m proud to be one of the good guys at WMEX! Tune in and talk soon!

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